My Thoughts on Orlando and Christian Responses

My heart goes out to all the families of those lost in the Orlando incident as well as those injured and their families. So many times we are prone to divide ourselves and see incidents such as this one as an attack on the black community, an attack on the Christian community and in this case an attack on the LGBT community rather than uniting and seeing it as an attack on humanity. I have LGBT friends, supposed I went with one to a gay club, there was a shooting and I got killed. I surely am not homosexual. And I highly doubt everyone there was. Also it was said that the shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS. As not only a non-Muslim, but as a Christian female, I can just as easily be targeted. That is why I agreed with the comments on the news that “We’re all Americans despite our beliefs etc” (I’m not American btw). That incident should prick the heart of every American.

The Christian community needs to really reach out at this time, not in acceptance of homosexuality, but in showing love and compassion towards the LGBT community. I am seeing some hateful,sinful, biblically inaccurate comments from those who profess to be Christian. I know some of these folks think they mean well but what they are doing is driving LGBT members away from the gospel of Christ. And this shows how Satan works, he mixes in the truth with a lie, because if I was not aware of what the Bible said not only about homosexuality but about sin in general I could’ve easily been one of those individuals. But tell me, how much I would have to hate you to believe all the things I do about God, paradise, eternal life etc and not share the gospel of Christ which gave me access to all these good things, with you? Christians are to preach the truth in love.

I am going to tell you this now. I don’t see my LGBT friends and family members as LGBT, but as humans. All humans are sinners. All humans have a sin nature and are bound to sinful natures. But the sins we specifically have desire towards are different for every person. You do not choose which desires you have. You choose whether or not you act upon those desires that you have. As human beings enslaved to sin, the choice of whether to act on these sinful desires or not can be very difficult. Sin is our nature. We are naturally inclined towards sin. Choosing righteousness is the real choice. Sin isn’t.

I am a sinner. You are a sinner. We are all sinners. Even if someone was not a homosexual, they would still be a sinner.They would still be accountable to God. Just like I am. And being only 18 years old and having been a Christian for almost a decade, I can easily see myself as a good person. I have not done that much that society considers bad but I don’t hold myself to only society’s ever-changing standards. I hold myself to God’s standards. And when I judge myself against God’s law I know how bad of a person I actually am.

The purpose of God’s law is not to save anybody or to make anyone righteous in the eyes of God by keeping His law. Sin is the transgression or the breaking of God’s law. The purpose of the law is to fully inform us of our sinful state before God and that the whole world may be guilty before God. After realizing how sinful we are, then we look to Jesus Christ to save us because we acknowledge we are sinners, we have broken God’s law and that the penalty for breaking God’s law is both physical and spiritual death.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The link above will direct you to a page which goes in depth on what is the gospel or good news of Christ.

To believe on Christ is to not merely believe in his existence. There is a misconception that you go to hell just because you don’t believe Jesus existed, not true. Hell or the lake of fire is the penalty for sin. Hell was originally created for the angels who had sinned against God because God is just and He must punish sin. Now each angel had the choice within himself whether to commit sin or not. Humans are born with a sin nature that is passed down all the way from Adam to our parents and to us. God had promised the coming of the Messiah in the garden of Eden soon after the sin of Adam and Eve. The purpose of Christ’s death on the cross was to be a substitute, the sacrificial Lamb of God, as God had stated in the Old Testament that only blood can atone for sin. So Christ being fully God (the Son) and fully man, made an infinite atonement for all of mankind. No man can atone for sin with his own blood because man is a finite being and sin is committed not only against his fellow finite neighbour but also against an infinite holy God. God took our sins and placed them upon Jesus Christ and poured out His wrath against sin on His only begotten Son. Jesus was the only man to walk the earth that kept every single commandment of God and was completely perfect in His ways. Jesus asked His disciples to preach the gospel to ALL nations so that EVERYONE can have forgiven of their sins. But you have to personally choose to trust in Christ and what He did on the cross for you. When you accept the gospel of Christ, the righteousness of Christ is imputed unto you, that means everything that Christ did on earth, all His good works and how He kept all the commandments of God is added to your record in heaven. This makes you righteousness in the eyes of God so God no longer sees you as sinner.

Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace ye are saved through faith; and not that of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.