Couterfeit Christians- Zombies in our church services.

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(Church Zombies, True Christians vs Fake Ones, Comparing apples to oranges.)

There is a threat so suttle in Churches across America, the undead sittin in seates occupying spaces and without a slightest beat of a heart or sign of life, yet they are there among us.

These are code blue flat line souls that are dressed up to look like the living but they are still dead, “dead in their sins and transgressions” according to Ephesians 2.

I used to be one myself and just sat in my decorated coffin adorned with flowers to make me look alive, but dead as a doornail. Some know all the right words to say, and all the prayers to pray, but yet still have yet to come out of the grave.
Jesus clearly taught that “Unless a man be born again he will not see the kingdom of God” John 3

The problem…

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