The Shifting Meanings of Physical Intimacy and Touch

The Thinking Aro

I’ve pointed out many times before that most sexual people view most physical touch as exclusively sexual and/or romantic, regardless of whether the touching involves actual sex or genitalia, and how this is harmful, limiting, and frustrating for asexuals and anyone who wants nonsexual, nonromantic physical affection in their life. I’ve also mentioned the disparity between what the average sexual person assumes about asexuals and physicality, versus what asexuals actually feel and think about physicality, due to sexual people’s unawareness of nonsexual physical intimacy and touch. It’s pretty common for sexual people who know nothing about asexuality to assume that asexuals don’t want or like any physical intimacy or affection, beyond the casual friendly hug, and they make this assumption because from their perspective, even the nonsexual/nongenital acts on the spectrum of physical intimacy is ultimately sexual in nature or potentially sexual because they lead to sex and are only…

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