Month: April 2016

Another Friendship Trainwreck, Brought to You by Romantic People

The Thinking Aro

So I just read an essay on friendship written by a middle-aged romantic straight woman that is so fucked up, I have to respond to it. I suggest you read the essay first, because it revolves around a personal story about the author’s friendship with another woman, and it would be hard for me to summarize the whole thing in a sentence or two.

“I’m Having a Friendship Affair” by Kim Brooks

This is one of those pieces on friendship that has me so pissed off and disgusted with romantic people that it serves as a soul-deep affirmation of my decision to shun them as potential friends completely, as long as I live. My revulsion with them immediately after I finished reading was so strong, that I had one of those moments where I think, “One day, when I have the money, I’m going to drop out of society altogether:…

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