You Are Loved

Have you ever felt worthless? Like you’re just this big complete failure? Well, I do. All the time. I swear the feeling never goes away. I just burst out in tears remembering the days when my mom would hurl insults at me, telling me how stupid I am, I remember writing little suicide notes in the back of my notebook during class, I remember being bullied by girls in my class for almost two years. Things have gotten better, my relationship with my mom is better, those girls stopped bullying me years ago but I can’t really say my suicidal thoughts are gone. Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I want anyone out there who is suffering with depression, suicidal thoughts or any form of anxiety ( Tumblr has led me to believe I have social anxiety disorder oh tumblr) to know that there is hope. Know that you are loved. I love you. There are people that care. There are people that will love you completely, even those little things about yourself that you might find so annoying, someone else might embrace completely. Hang in there my friend. And after all, God loves you, so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die for your sins so that you may be reconciled to Him.


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